Toponimi Desa di Kabupaten Batang (Kajian Antropolinguistik)

Nurghaida, Winda (2022) Toponimi Desa di Kabupaten Batang (Kajian Antropolinguistik). Jurnal Skripsi Mahasiswa . (Unpublished)



Nurghaida, Winda. 2022. “Toponymy of Village in Batang District (Anthropolinguistic Study). Thesis (S1) Indonesian Literature. Faculty of Humanity Diponegoro University Semarang. Supervisor I Dr. M. Suryadi, M.Hum., and Supervisor II Dra. Sri Puji Astuti, M.Pd. Toponymy can be a starting point for tracing the historical content of a place. However, some people do not pay much attention to it. In fact, many people do not understand the origin of their own birthplace. This phenomenon is one of the causes of the extinction of toponymy in modern society. Therefore, this study aims to preserve the history in the toponymy of villages in Batang Regency. This linguistic anthropological research also aims to categorizes and describes the toponymy of the village, explains the cultural meaning in it, and identifies the cultural values contained in the naming of the village. The theories used include anthropolinguistic theory, toponymy, cultural meaning, and cultural values. In-depth interview techniques and literature study are used in data collection. The analytical method used is descriptive ethnographic. Furthermore, the data are presented in an informal method. Triangulation of previous sources was also carried out to test the validity of the data. The results showed that from the 76 village data, there were 30 villages that met the naming system for the embodiment aspect, 23 for the toponymy of the social aspect, and the cultural aspect of 23 villages. Overall, the majority of village toponyms in Batang Regency consist of environmental aspects of flora and aspects of culture. Based on the results of the study, described 15 villages that contain cultural meanings such as mindset, advice on how to behave, ascetic, and an advice to achieve the benefits of life related to Javanese culture and philosophy that was passed down. In addition, there are cultural values of peace and prosperity contained in the toponymy of villages in Batang Regency. Keywords: toponymy, anthropolinguistics, cultural meaning, cultural values

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