A Multiple Classifiers Broadcast Protocol for VANET

Alwakeel , Sami S. and Altwaijry, Hesham A. and Prasetijo, Agung B. A Multiple Classifiers Broadcast Protocol for VANET. Proc. of 2017 4th Int. Conf. on Information Tech., Computer, and Electrical Engineering (ICITACEE), Oct 18-19, 2017, Semarang, Indonesia .



Many types of artificial intelligent machines have been used for decision making purposes. In VANET broadcast protocols, vehicles must decide the received messages are to be rebroadcast or not. Several attributes such as sender-to-receiver distance, sender-receiver speed difference, number of neighboring vehicles, as well as vehicle’s movement direction are important measures to take the broadcast decision. As the relationships of attributes to the broadcast decision cannot be mathematically defined, the use of a classifier-based artificial intelligence may approximately predict the relationships of all the incorporated attributes to such a decision. As the decision is based on prediction, the use of multiple classifiers in decision making may increase accuracy. Therefore, this research employs a combined-classifiers at an abstract level to provide firmer broadcast decisions on VANET. Our research results justify that the performance of our combined multiple-classifiers outperformed a single-classifier scheme. The multi-classifiers scheme contributes to an average increase of 2.5% in reachability compared to that of the efficient counter–based scheme (ECS). The combined multi-classifiers scheme also improves the saving in rebroadcast tries by 38.9%.

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