ABSTRACT Study the issue is to evaluate, design and parking station travelers Tripoli International Airport, which is the largest airport in Libya at the moment and due importance to being the largest area of an airport in Libya, where Tripoli, capital of Libya, and the population density is equivalent to 2 million people. The objectives of this study are to evaluate the parking terminal and propose a solution.This chapter III discusses the methodology used in this research. The methodology in this research includes research preparation and literature review, data collection, analysis of the data and conclusion, as shown in the following flow chart, the description of each step is presented in subsequent sections. Parking passenger station to the airport in Tripoli existing need to develop and increase the capacity for the number of vehicles from the current capacity is increasing the capacity of the situation through the use of new additional space will be extended space to the north and replanning position at an angle of 90 now under implementation side parts and which represent new passenger terminals. Parking-based scheme angle of 90° The reason for the lack of sufficient capacity for the car park to reach the number of accumulation vehicles next position to the maximum value and that traverse the full capacity of the situation and thus can be attributed the rise in the number of cars as a result of passenger flow, which causes suffocation in the parking lot and not the ability to carrying excess number of cars that under the circumstances this time there are not enough positions for the operation of vehicles coming to him than we had redesign of this case . After previous conclusions and see the results of data analysis, where it was a peak hour start from (9 am to 10 am) which is cause of the congestion in Tripoli international airport parking and irregular parking system, found insufficient of parking capacity during this period which need to solve this problem so recommend to redesign Parking Tripoli International Airport to provide all facilities necessary needed of parking and must make special parking for public transport also places allocated for people with special needs and need to increase the capacity of terminal parking meet the needs of the delegates to the airport as well as taking into account the new terminals, which is under construction now. iii Further increase the parking capacity, in anticipation of the increasing number of vehicles to be parked in the future. This change will increase the number of parking spaces for more vehicles than the current parking demand. Data were collected vehicular traffic during the 12-hour part of the requirements analysis of these data required using formulas analysis contained in Chapter II of the analysis that we have gained as a result of the position is sufficient number of cars coming to him, which requires a preplanning of the car park at the corner of about 90° to provide a number more places the situation and also spaces periods less and thus can be attributed the rise in the number of cars as a result of passenger flow, which causes suffocation in the parking lot and not the ability to carry a number of vehicles in excess of that in the circumstances this time there are situations is not enough to run vehicles expatriate than we redesign this case.

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