CAKRA DOLAN SALATIGA (Strategi Peningkatan Brand Awareness Cakra Semarang TV di Kalangan Masyarakat Salatiga melalui Komunikasi Pemasaran Terpadu

Hanugraheningtias , Arvinda (2012) CAKRA DOLAN SALATIGA (Strategi Peningkatan Brand Awareness Cakra Semarang TV di Kalangan Masyarakat Salatiga melalui Komunikasi Pemasaran Terpadu. Undergraduate thesis, Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP.

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ABSTRACT Cakra TV is one of local TV's in Semarang.. In fact, television is one of the popular communication channel for the public to get information. Various roles are run by television such as providing information, entertainment, social control, and others. Local television had the additional role as strengthening cultural identity to strengthen nationalism. There are five local TV stations in Semarang, so need a marketing strategy for Cakra TV to attract the attention of the audience. In addition to a varied program broadcast, cakra TV also made "Cakra Dolan Salatiga 2012" to increase public knowledge about this station and interact more closely with the community Salatiga. Salatiga chosen because in terms of access to the public media, Salatiga almost the same in the use of media as a source of compliance information. Salatiga also a transit city that connects Semarang and Solo. Activities undertaken Cakra Dolan Salatiga 2012 this includes a healthy and mobile karaoke. The scope of the Business Manager is determined by who the client and the client's wishes. In this event, the client is the Cakra Semarang TV with his desire increasing awareness among the public in Salatiga. Furthermore, students as organizers did breakdown the strengths and weaknesses of the client. The advantages of our clients is a medium, which has a variety of local television programs. Disadvantages of our clients are not having the funds to menyelenggarakann tactical event of this kind, so that funding should be sought through the sponsorship program. In general, task manager bussiness is to raise funds, in cooperation with the sponsorship, making LPJ for sponsorship that will, and making financial reports. All activities are conducted's knowledge and permission of the client, the Cakra Semarang TV so there are no misunderstandings relating to the process of fund raising which can damage organizers cooperation with clients, client relationship- target audience damaging, as well as prospective corporate-client relationship giving sponsorship. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) or integrated marketing communication can be defined as a process that has crossed function in maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with customers and other stakeholders. Event is a tool or instrument in the concept of Public Relations and Publications effective to reach the target audience of a company or organization. Keywords : local television station, awareness, financial support, event

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