Wiracandakia, Betharama (2012) DOCUMENTARY VIDEO: “ THE LAST HORSE”. Undergraduate thesis, Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP.

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ABSTRACT Background:Jarananor Kuda Lumping is a traditionalart, which has value and norm of Indonesian culture. However, there are many artists on the street showed up their ability to dance with traditional art by using artificial horses (“PengamenJaranan”). This phenomenon should be learned on how the Indonesian traditional art has been falling down. Aim: To document community’s appreciation on the art of Kuda Lumping; To educate people on how the art of Kuda Lumping that almost extinct; and to persuasive the communty that this art should be retained. Methods:To make a documentary video with title “KudaTerakhir” and 20 minutes duration with thematic of sociocultural. It showed the artists on the street with artificial horses (“Pengamen Jaranan”). Editor and Division of Cameramen used 3 phase of production, i.e. pre production, production, and post production. It was made in the format of audio-visual and had been showed in May 16’ 2012 as a mini documenter (Filler) with 3 minutes duration at the local Television called “Televisi Borobudur” or TVB. Results:Camera division showed “pengamen”s life completely and could take several angles of pictures and also showed some necessarily focused pictures. This documenter also showed several aspects that had been edited appropriately, such as: slow motion, close up, and wide shot.After finishing the whole process of work, most audients who have seen the documenter video gave good comments and some useful suggestions. Some of them perceived that they have received in depth information about “kesenian jaranan” and felt that it should be given attention and everlasting. Conclusion: “Pengamen kuda lumping” tends to be pragmatism; nevertheless they could make this art resonance again. Therefore, involving several stakeholders, because of its national value heritage, should retain the art of Kuda Lumping. Keywords: Television, documenter video, cameramen, editor, jaranan

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