Analisis Faktor Bentuk Struktur Inti Melalui Interaksi Elektron-Inti

Sasongko, Dwi P. and Priyono, Priyono and Rasito, Rasito (2002) Analisis Faktor Bentuk Struktur Inti Melalui Interaksi Elektron-Inti. BERKALA FISIKA, 5 (1). pp. 5-12. ISSN 1410 - 9662

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Analyze of nuclear Stucture form factor from elastic and inelastic cross section in electronnucleus scattering and application of theoretical result in electron-deuteron scattering have been done in this research. The calculation has been performed in the first Born approximation. The spherical charge form factor, quadrupole form factor, and magnetic moment form factor of Deuteron have been described from elastic scattering and nucleon form factor from inelastic elektron-deuteron scattering. The deuteron radius and charge densities have been resulted from charge form factor measured in electron scattering experiment. The analysis result shows that the deuteron spherical charge structure is contributed by stete triplet-S and stete triplet-D componen, meanwhile the quadrupole structure is contributed by the two state component, i.e.that of the state triplet-S component of and that of (mp + ms)the state triplet-D of 1/2(3/2(mp+ms))

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