KAJIAN PEMANFAATAN TWANG PESISIR KOTA TERNATE PROPINSI MALUKU UTARA (Studi Kasus Kawasan Permukiman di Atas Laut Kelurahan Makassar Timur)

Dialar, Restuina Irene (2004) KAJIAN PEMANFAATAN TWANG PESISIR KOTA TERNATE PROPINSI MALUKU UTARA (Studi Kasus Kawasan Permukiman di Atas Laut Kelurahan Makassar Timur). Masters thesis, Program Pasca Sarjana Universitas Diponegoro.

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Town of Temate represent island town with growth of society activity alongside coastal area. As one of the island town, development mission is make town of Temate as coastal town which have ecological and geologis balance, become a beautiful coastal area, neat and clean. Development of town of Temate aimed at effort to improve and develop town into a regional archipelago system by providing and increasing infrastucture to give special characteristic as coastal town. Research was done at settlement above sea which located in sub-district of Makassar, east town of Temate. The research location reside in central of the town and including Part of Town I Region ( BWK I) destined for activity with high intensity, like commerce, with colars, settlement, terminal, and port. Instruction in RDTRK of Temate town year 2001 — 2005 not yet peculiarly determine the usage of coastal area. That matter is of course not suit according with urban development mission of Ternate so that cause the uncontrolling exploitation and causing negative impact. Growth of settlement alongside coastal area of Temate town represent phenomenon influenced by problems of dynamics growth of coastal town, the growth of population and social economic condition but in the other hand cause decreasing of coastal area quality. The condition with unavailable of settlement infrastucture especially garbage management facility and management of life behaviour throwing garbage directly into sea cause coastal area quality. This research is instructed to look for approach solution to garbage impact in coastal area enviroment because the existence of settlement as one of the form exploiting of coastal area. Qualitatif research method used to describe primary data from given questioner and observation, and selcunder data obtained of literature study and relevan institution. Sample take by using Purposive Sampling Method at resident who live in land and who live in settlement of sea, also by interview to elite figure and formal figure of related institution and sub-district. Result of this research is model settlement of settlement area of helththier sea and have esthetics with especial attention of instruction usage of coastal area in town planology document. The available of infrastructure factor of settlement capable to support freshment settlement of resident above the sea related to available garbage management facility and enough way of acces. The other important matter is society participation of passing taking part in directly realized in self supporting program to take care of the quality of coastal area enviroment. Key Word : Coastal area, Settlement above sea, Behavioural of society, Quality of enviroment, Infrastructure of settlement, Society participation.

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