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ABSTRACT CONTROL, TRUST, PERFORMANCE AND THE SUCCESSFUL OF ALLIANCE ANALYSIS IN PERTAMINA : Kristin Handayani C4A 099 069 5' I nrig4.044 : Prof. Dr. Suyudi Mangunwihardjo, Drs. Sugeng Wahyudi, M.M. 221/ research had been done to response the decrease of direct investment trend in Indonesia, whereas the increasing of target market estimation in Pertamina can not be balance with the adding of aboard investment. There are three research goals. The first is to analysis the effect of control to trust in alliance of Pertamina and the contractors; Management Production Sharing (MPS), meanwhile the second is to analysis the effect of trust to the two subjective performance measure were obtained in alliance between Pertamina and MPS, and the third is to analysis the effect of a number of successful alliance variable in MPS, the factor's name is ex post, ex ante and a complete model to the two subjective performance measure obtained ; a check on the partner overall satisfaction rating. First measure, as convensional measure, an altemative measure of subjective performance based on a cost-benefit measure, and the second measure, partner subjective level of satisfaction with the alliance's overall performance. The research had been done using a survey method and review method basically to the emphirical study. Responses from 50 middle managers of Pertamina and 50 from MPS's corporate with questionnairre design, technical analysis had been devided into two. First analysis in the basically to the first and the second goal had been used using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Full Model (SEM) with AMOS 4.0 computation, meanwhile the second analysis in the basically to the third goal had been used correlation and regression analyses using SPSS computation version 10. The result indicated three facts. First, it is further argued that a higher control the stronger the trust is, the secondly a higher trust the stronger both measures of performance is, lastly a higher a number of successful alliance in MPS as ex ante factors : previous relationships with Pertamina, preanalysis, and as ex post factors : they are Pertamina's management from MPS' view, behaviour performance from MPS' view, and intregration of alliance in a complete model, the stronger MPS' performance in the two measurement. That is just only other long term relationships in MPS' who does not have affect to the two measurement. The implication is giving to growth up investment in Indonesia and depending on to alliance strategic that used, the control and trust become to the one important indicate even so the ex ante and ex post factors.. Keywords : Alliance, MPS, ex ante factor, ex post factor. ABSTRAK AN'AT KONTROL, KEPERCAYAAN, KJNERJA DAN KEBERHASILAN KEMITRAAN PADA PERTAMINA Old : Kristin Handayani C4A 099 069 Pe442.04:41 : Prof. Dr. Suyudi Mangunwihardjo, Drs. Sugeng Wahyudi, M.M. p p enelitian dilakukan menanggapi trend penurunan direct investment di Indonesia, di mana peningkatan estimasi target pasar di Pertamina tidak dapat diimbangi dengan bertambahnya investasi asing. Tujuan penelitian terbagi tiga Tujuan pertama menganalisis pengaruh kontrol terhadap kepercayaan dalam kemitraan antara Pertamina dengan pars kontralctomya; Management Production Sharing (MPS), tujuan kedua menganalisis pengaruh kepercayaan terhadap dua ukuran kinerja dalam kemitraan Pertamina dan MPS, sedangkan tujuan ketiga adalah menganalisis pengaruh sejumlah variabel keberhasilan bermitra usaha MPS, yaitu faktor ex post, faktor ex ante dan model Iengkap juga terhadap kedua ukuran kinerja. Ukuran kinerja pertama merupakan ukuran konvensional yakni berdasarkan perolehan finansial, sedangkan ukuran kinerja kedua adalah ukuran kepuasan menyeluruh atas kemitraan. Penelitian dilakukan dengan metode survey dan metode review terhadap penelitian empiris. Berdasarkan rancangan kuesioner terhadap 50 responden Pertamina dan 50 responden MPS, teknik analisis terbagi dua berdasarkan tujuan penelitian. Analisis pertama untuk tujuan penelitian pertama dan kedua telah digunakan Confirmatory Factor Analysis dan Structural Equation Full Model dengan komputasi AMOS versi 4.0, sedangkan analisis kedua untuk tujuan penelitian ketiga digunakan uji korelasi-regresi dengan komputasi SPSS versi 10. Hasil yang diperoleh menunjulckan tiga hal. Adanya pengaruh positif variabel kontrol terhadap kepercayaan, adanya pengaruh positif kepercayaan terhadap kinerja dalam ukuran kepuasan menyeluruh dan ukuran kepuasan komposisi cost-benefit di dalam kemitraan antara Pertamina dan MPS, serta adanya pengaruh positif sejumlah variabel keberhasilan kemitraan untuk MPS yang terdiri dart faktor ex ante yaitu prahubungan dengan Pertamina, praanalisis mengenai Pertamina, dan faktor ex post yaitu persepsi MPS mengenai manajemen Pertamina, persepsi MPS mengenai keda sama dengan Pertamina, serta integrasi kemitraan dalam model lengkap terhadap kinerja MPS dalam ukuran kepuasan menyeluruh maupun kepuasan cost-benefit Sedangkan variabel hubungan jangka panjang lain MPS tidak memiliki pengaruh terhadap kedua ukuran kinerja. Implikasinya i di dalam menumbuhkan kembali iklim berinvestasi di Indonesia dan tergantung pada strategi kemitraan yang digunakan, maka kontrol dan kepercayaan mita merupakan salah satu indikator penting, selain telaah terhadap faktor-faktor ex ante dan ex post. 1/444 4.4 : MPS, faktor ex ante, faktor ex post.

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