Strategi Penciptaan Nilai Perusahaan Dengan Metode Eva Pada Perusda Perkebunan “Tlogo” Di Tuntang - Salatiga

The, Han Kiat (1998) Strategi Penciptaan Nilai Perusahaan Dengan Metode Eva Pada Perusda Perkebunan “Tlogo” Di Tuntang - Salatiga. Masters thesis, PROGRAM PASCASARJANA UNIVERSITAS DIPONEGORO .

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ABSTRACT The free market era have been constructed formally in recent years, but the kind of the effect of business competition tightly to go through. A lot of management observer predict that the competition will be more tight in the future. Therefore the firm make formulation and get perfection of the business strategy to find the winning competition. To know how far the effectiveness of the application that strategy, so that is necessary to the company’s management performance measures of that business. The object of this research is Perusda Perkebunan Tiogo, this corporate movement in the plantation business. This corporate to thee instability performance problem empirically because price instability, failed harvest and increasing cost production on Perusda Perkebunan Tlogo in Tuntang Salatiga. The goal of this research to compare between EVA method with profit, ROE Sd ROA that corporate find it. For determine the operational performance this corporate condition that is necessary to measure and make analysis with EVA method and get the correlation analysis to help make factor analysis which of the variabel correlate the biggest correlate with EVA method, and see how that correlation characteristic. And then basically on the result of this research formulation of the cost efficiency strategy to increase EAT with missing/ to reduce disturbance factor such as interest and debt, the other like reduce loan (debt) into get the operational activity on daIly and depend on equity that using with efficient and effectiveness. The analysis result from the data that collected mentioned that cost efficiency strategy, reserve economical strategy, together with retained earning strategy and fund resources that economically until the unused costs that not so much necessary can be cut to be correct the corporate performance. The base of the result above, the implication of that strategy suggested to repair performance of this corporate with using EVA method -to get involved Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) very important because investment decision from the corporate unable loose from the large of the compensation with fund using for finance that corporate investment. In this measure EVA significant with traditional measures method such as profit, ROE ada ROA that mean EVA can be substitute the traditional method. This signify that the EVA measurement method will be better and relevant with to include/ to fill the field condition compared with traditional method, The other suggestion for considering in the future is that Perusda Perkebunan Tlogo had better stand for alone/ free and not mixed with the other BUMN. Because actually profit that corporate’s result scrape out for closing the loss of the other BUMN. Era pasar bebas baru saja dimasuki secara formal beberapa tahun yang lalu, tetapi dampaknya berupa persaingan bisnis yang cukup ketat telah dirasakan. Banyak pengamat manajemen yang meramalkan bahwa persaingan akan semakin ketat di masa yang akan datang. Oleh karena itu, perusahaan harus terus berupaya untuk merumuskan dan menyempurnakan strategi-strategi bisnisnya dalam rangka memenangkan persaingan. Untuk mengetahui seberapa jauh efektivitas penerapan strategi tersebut, maka manajemen perusahaan perlu mengukur kinerja bisnisnya. Penelitian mi mengambil obyek Perusda Perkebunan Tlogo, perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bisnis perkebunan. Perusahaan ini sedang menghadapi masalah ketidakstabilan kinerja secara empiris karena terjadi ketidakstabilan harga, kegagalan panen dan terjadi peningkatan biaya produksi pada Perusda Perkebunan Tiogo di Tuntang Salatiga. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk membandingkan antara metode EVA dengan laba, ROE dan ROA yang diperoleb perusahaan tersebut. Untuk menentukan kondisi kinerja operasional perusahaan maka perlu menganalisis dan mengukurnya dengan metode EVA dan menggunakan analisis korelasi untuk membantu menganalisis faktor mana yang paling besar hubungannya terhadap EVA, dan meihat bagaimana sifat hubungan tersebut.

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