Proses Seleksi Dan Publikasi Karya Sastra Dalam Penerbit Indie Beruang Semarang (Kajian Sosiologi Sastra)

Dewi, Nur Hidayatika (2022) Proses Seleksi Dan Publikasi Karya Sastra Dalam Penerbit Indie Beruang Semarang (Kajian Sosiologi Sastra). Jurnal Skripsi Mahasiswa . (Unpublished)



Hidayatika, Dewi Nur. 2022. “The Selection and Publication of Literary Works in the Indie Beruang Semarang Publisher (Study of the Sociology of Literature)”. Thesis of Indonesian Literature Study Program. Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Supervisor: Dr. Redyanto Noor, M. Hum, and Laura Andri Retno Martini, S.S., M.A. Beruang Publisher is an indie publisher in Semarang. This thesis uses the theory of sociology of literature by Robert Escarpit. The aim is to find out the selection process which is part of the production and publication which is part of the distribution with the idiosyncratic considerations of the Beruang publisher. The method used is a qualitative method and the presentation of data analysis is carried out using a systematic descriptive explanation. The result of the analysis in this study is that the selection key is determined at the beginning by the curator who then divides the entry into 2 policies, regular and non-regular. The criterion for passing is whether or not it is in accordance with idealism. The next stages are editing, layouting, and proofreading, each taking 2 weeks. In addition to scripts, selection activities also apply to covers and dummy books. Beruang Books can reach its readers directly from publishers, distributors, resellers, dropshippers, and marketplaces. Publications are carried out through book fairs, book events, critical reviews, literary awards, and audio-visual publications. The existence of adequate selection and publication has realized not only an improvement in the quantity but also in the quality of books in Semarang. Keywords: Selection-Publication, Idealism, Beruang Publisher.

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