Nadia, Candra Nur Huda (2022) KONFLIK BATIN TOKOH UTAMA DALAM NOVEL INGKAR KARYA BOY CANDRA (Kajian Psikologi Sastra). Jurnal Skripsi Mahasiswa . (Unpublished)



Candra, Nadia. 2022. “The Inner Conflict in the Novel Ingkar by Boy Candra (Study of Literary Psychology)”. Thesis. Indonesian Literature Undergraduate Program. Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Advisor one Dr. M. Abdullah, M. Hum. and two Advisors Dra. Rukiyah, M. Hum. This study aims to reveal the structural elements that make up the novel and what inner conflicts are experienced by the main characters, namely Livka and Agung in Boy Candra’s novel Ingkar. The method in this study uses a structural approach to describe the structural aspects (characters an characterizations, plot, place setting, time setting, socio-cultural setting and psychological background) that builds the novel and a literary psychology approach as the basis for analysing the inner conflicts experienced by the characters main. The result of structural analysis of the novel Ingkar by Boy Candra is the discovery of twelve characters in the novel Ingkar which are divided into two main characters and ten additional characters. The characterizations in the novel use expository and dramatic techniques. The novel Ingkar by Boy Candra is set in Solok, West Sumatra. The time setting in the novel is morning, afternoon, and night. The psychological background in the novel is in the form of an atmosphere related to attitudes, ways of thinking, prejudice and the lifestyle of a particular society. Meanwhile, the social background consist of the unequal lives of Livka and Agung’s parents, Agung’s parents are upper middle class people while Livka’s parents are lower middle class people. In addition, there is also a 2 cultural background, namely the baralek event which is one of the traditional wedding parties in the Solok area, West Sumatra. The plot in the novel Ingkar uses a forward plot. The result of literary psychology analysis is that the main characters Livka and Agung have an imbalance between the Id, Ego and Superego. There is an ego conflict between Livka and Agung and Agung and the mother. This was caused by the relationship between Agung and Livka which was not approved by their parents. In addition, the more obstacles when they are in a long distance relationship. One of them is Agung and Alisa’s affair which causes Alisa to become pregnant. This causes an inner conflict experienced by Livka and Agung. Keywords: Denial Structural, Literary Psychology, and Inner Conflic

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