Kohesi Leksikal dalam Rubrik Budaya Harian kompas.com

Adih Sanjaya, Nugroho (2022) Kohesi Leksikal dalam Rubrik Budaya Harian kompas.com. Jurnal Skripsi Mahasiswa . (Unpublished)



The purpose of this study is to explain lexical cohesion in the daily cultural rubric of kompas.com. The data sources for this research are articles in the daily cultural rubric of kompas.com in November 2018 – March 2021. The method used in providing data is the library method and the observation method with note-taking techniques. After the data is collected, the cohesion theory is used to analyze the data.The results of this study are: lexical cohesion in the form of repetition (epizeuksis repetition, tautotes repetition, anaphora repetition, epistropha repetition, mesodiplosis repetition, and anadiplosis repetition), synonymy (synonym of word with phrase or vice versa, synonymy of phrase with phrase, and synonymy of word for word), antonyms (absolute opposition, polar opposition, and hierarchical opposition), collocations, hyponyms and equivalences. Keywords: kompas.com, culture, lexical cohesion, repetition

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