Proses Perubahan Bunyi dan Bentuk Kosakata Ragam Gaul pada Akun Twitter @txtdrjkt

Amalia Rahmayani, Vira (2022) Proses Perubahan Bunyi dan Bentuk Kosakata Ragam Gaul pada Akun Twitter @txtdrjkt. Jurnal Skripsi Mahasiswa . (Unpublished)



This study aims to describe the changing of sound and the form of slang vocabulary found on Twitter account @txtdrjkt. The type of this research is a qualitative descriptive research. The sources of this research use secondary data which are obtained from the speech using slang vocabulary on the Twitter account of @txtdrjkt. The data collection method are observation, notetaking techniques and screenshots. This research uses a data analysis method that is a distributional method with segmenting immediate constituents technique. Moreover, the advanced technique includes insertion technique and reverse technique. The results of this research showed (1) the process of changing sound found 9 data on the preservation of the first syllable plus phoneme /s/ which allegedly imitated pre-existing forms, such as thank you which was shortened to thanks; (2) there are several changing form of slang vocabulary process including 32 acronyms from the phrase and 33 acronyms from the compound words. Dominant acronyms are formed from the first syllable preservation of each word. Some acronyms have sound changes to make pronunciation easier. Keywords: slang vocabulary, phonology, phrase, compound word

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