NILAI DIDAKTIS NASKAH MA’RIFATUL ISLAM (Suntingan Teks Beserta Kajian Pragmatik)

Rohmah, Siti (2021) NILAI DIDAKTIS NASKAH MA’RIFATUL ISLAM (Suntingan Teks Beserta Kajian Pragmatik). Jurnal Skripsi Mahasiswa .



Rohmah, Siti. 2021. “Ma'rifatul Islam Manuscript (Text Editing with Pragmatic Studies)”. Thesis (SI) Indonesian Literature Study Program Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mudjahirin Thohir, M.A and Nur Fauzan Ahmad, S.S, M.A. The Object of this research is the Ma'rifatul Islam Manuscript. This manuscript is a manuscript from K.H Hasim’s personal collection which was digitized by the Semarang Religious Research and Development Center. The content of the Ma'rifatul Islam manuscript about the main points of Islamic teachings which include faith, Islam, and ihsan. The research method used is data collection, data analysis, and data presentation. Data collection is done philologically and pragmatically. The presentation of the results of data analysis is presented with a descriptive method. The Ma'rifatul Islam manuscript needs to be studied using a pragmatic approach so that the values contained in it can be internalized in the life of today's society. Based on the results of research on the Ma'rifatul Islam text that has been carried out, the didactic values in the Ma'rifatul Islam text are moral values, educational values, and religious values. First, moral values include being grateful to Allah, telling the truth, remembering Allah, only fearing and hoping in Allah, and being sincere. Second, the value of education in the form of studying. Third, religious values include faith, Islam, and ihsan. Keywords: Ma'rifatul Islam, Philological theory, Didactic values.

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