NASKAH KITAB ZURRAH (Suntingan Teks dan Kajian Isi Teks)

Safira, Hijra (2021) NASKAH KITAB ZURRAH (Suntingan Teks dan Kajian Isi Teks). Jurnal Skripsi Mahasiswa .



Safira, Hijra. 2021. “Manuscript of the Zurrah: Text Editing and Study of Text Content”. Thesis (S1) Indonesian Literature Study Program Faculty of Humanities, University of Diponegoro Semarang. Advisor: Dr. Muh. Abdullah, MA and Drs. Moh Muzakka, M .Hum. The Zurrah Book is a manuscript originating from the East Java region. The values in the KZ manuscript contain the value of worship to all Muslims regarding how to believe in Allah and the Messenger by knowing the "obligatory, muhal, and jaiz properties." This study aims to present edits and describe the function of the text based on pragmatic studies. The author uses two theories in the analysis, namely philological theory and pragmatic theory. The philological theory used is: describing the text, making an outline of the content, and transliterating the text, which is then followed by editing the text and translating the text. While pragmatic theory is used to find out the functions or values contained in the KZ text The results of the philological analysis that have been obtained are in the form of descriptions, edits, and text translations. The KZ manuscript is in the form of a translation to make it easier for readers to understand the contents of the manuscript. While the results of pragmatics include the function of the religion of Islam and the function of education. The function of Islam has three articles, namely (1) belief in Allah, (2) faith in Allah's Apostle, (3) knowing the nature of obligatory, muhal, and jaiz for Allah and the Messenger, and (4) believing in uluhiyah and 'rububiyah. God. There are three educational functions that the writer finds, namely (1) the teaching to be optimistic, (2) the teaching to act like a prophet, and (3) the teaching to do good. Keywords: Book of Zurrah, Philology, Pragmatics, Islamic Religious Values, Educational Values.

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