AYU SANTIKA PURI, AYU (2020) ANALISIS KONTRASTIF REDUPLIKASI BAHASA JEPANG DAN BAHASA BETAWI 日本語とベタウィ語における重複の対照分析. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



ABSTRACT Puri, Ayu Santika. 2020. “Contrastive Analysis of Reduplication of Japanese and Betawi Languages”. Thesis of Japanese and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Advisor S.I. Trahutami, S.S., M.Hum This research discusses “Contrastive Analysis of Reduplica.tion of Japanese and Betawi Languages”. The purpose of this research is to describe the process of forming and the meaning of abbreviations in Japanese and Betawi and as well as to describe the similarities and differences in reduplication in Japanese and Betawi Languages. This thesis used material object in the form of sentences in the novel "Kimi Sou Kyoku", online novels, short stories "Bang Jali Kondangan", and "Gambang Jakarta". The methods that used on this analysis are agih method to divide each direct elements and then the data will be compared using contrastive technique. The results of this research concludes five ways of forming reduplication, there are (1) Reduplication of basic forms (2) Reduplication of basic forms with phoneme changes (3) Reduplication + affixes (4) Reduplication of changes in some basic form consonants (5) Reduplication of changes in the first syllable of basic forms. The meaning of Japanese and Betawi languages reduplication has seven meanings, they are plural meaning, meaning of repetition / continuity, emphasis, indirect, past, minimum, and scattered depiction. The reduplication of Japanese and Betawi languages have 3 similarities in the formation process, namely reduplication of basic forms, reduplication of basic forms with changes in phonemes, and reduplication + suffix. But, the differences are in the 2 formation processes that are not found in Japanese and there are no process that causes phoneme changes in the Betawi language and there is only reduplication with final affixes in Japanese while in Betawi there is reduplication with initial and final affixes. Keywords: reduplication, contrastive, structure, meaning

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