Tindak Tutur Ilokusi pada Tuturan Mahasiswi FIB Undip Semarang dalam Menolak Ungkapan Cinta (Tinjauan Pragmatik)

Rina, Puspitasari (2020) Tindak Tutur Ilokusi pada Tuturan Mahasiswi FIB Undip Semarang dalam Menolak Ungkapan Cinta (Tinjauan Pragmatik). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.

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Puspitasari, Rina. 2020. " Actions of Illocutionary Speech to the Speech of FIB Undip Semarang Students in Refusing Expressions of Love (Pragmatic Review)". Thesis (S-1) Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Advisor I: Dr. M. Suryadi, M. Hum. Supervisor II: Drs. Mujid F. Amin, M. Pd. This study aims to describe the types and forms of illocutionary speech acts that exist in students of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University in rejecting the speech of love. The method of providing data used in this research is the technique of listening or listening to rejection speeches developed with tapping techniques and advanced techniques in the form of SLC (Simak Engage Cakap), recording techniques, and note taking techniques. The data were studied and analyzed using pragmatic theory regarding illocutionary speech acts and politeness scales. Based on the research results, it was found three types of illocutionary speech acts, namely (1) assertive illocutionary speech acts as much as 4 data which included, stated and informed. (2) directive illocutionary speech acts consisting of 5 data which include, suggest and ask. (3) expressive illocutionary speech acts consisting of 10 data which include praising, criticizing, and apologizing. In addition, the findings of this study indicate that there are two forms of rejection, namely direct and indirect rejection. The refusal speech act that most writers find is indirect rejection with an expressive illocutionary speech act of apologizing. In this study, there is a violation of the politeness scale that occurs because it is seen from the level of intimacy between the speaker and the speech partner. So that the speech that is produced when rejecting the expression of love is considered impolite because the speech rejecting the speech of love is a form of rejection by sacrificing the feelings of others to be selfish. Keywords: acts of speech illocutionary, rejecting the expression of love, a scale of politeness.

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