ASPEK DIDAKTIS DALAM NASKAH KITAB ILMU BUMI (Suntingan Beserta Analisis Pragmatik)

Muhammad, Imanudin (2020) ASPEK DIDAKTIS DALAM NASKAH KITAB ILMU BUMI (Suntingan Beserta Analisis Pragmatik). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Imanudin, Muhammad. 2020. “Didactic aspects in the Kitab Ilmu Bumi (Teks Editing and Pragmatik Analisis). Thesis (S1) Indonesian Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro Univesity. Semarang. Supervisor: Nur Fauzan Ahmad S.S., M.A. and Dra. Rukiyah, M.Hum. The Kitab Ilmu Bumi is a prose in the form of a dialogue that outlines aspects of education and religious values. This manuscript is kept in the National Library of the Republik Indonesia (PNRI) Jakarta. With the code ML 262, the KIB script is written in Arabic script in Malay. The purpose of this study is to describe and edit the text in the manuscript and reveal aspects of education and religious values contained in the manuscript. The research method used is the pragmatic method. Theories used in this research are philological theory and pragmatic theory. The KIB manuscript text uses the standard method because the manuscript is a single manuscript. The results of a pragmatic analysis that the author gets in the KIB script, contain some information about the earth, sun, moon, season, air, water, wind, clouds, rainbows, planets, and asteroids. The author also tries to match compatibility with modern science, and there is a religious value about the power of Allah SWT about His creations in the universe. Keywords: Philology, manuscript of Earth Science, Pragmatics.

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