Madinah, Maulidah (2020) ANALISIS TINDAK TUTUR ILOKUSI DALAM FILM KUCUMBU TUBUH INDAHKU KARYA GARIN NUGROHO. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Maulidah, Madinah. 2020. Analisis Tindak Tutur Ilokusi dalam Film Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku by Garin Nugroho. Skripsi (S-1) Faculty of Cuture, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Advisor I: Dra. Sri Puji Astuti, M.Pd. Advisor II: Riris Tiani, S.S., M.Hum. This study is aimed to describe the types and forms of illocutionary speech acts that existed in interpersonal dialogue in the film Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku. The methods of providing data used in this study were refer and note taking techniques. Based on the findings of this study found five kinds types of illocutionary speech acts, i.e. (1) 8 data of assertive illocutionary speech acts covering, stating and informing. (2) 29 data of directive illocutionary speech acts covering, compelling, ordering, asking, inviting. (3) 8 data of expressive illocutionary speech acts covering, complimenting, complaining, thanking, and blaming. (4) 2 data of commissive illocutionary speech acts, threatening. (5) 1 data of declarative illocutionary speech act, prohibiting. In addition, four speech acts forms were found, i.e. (1) 24 data of speech acts in the form of words, consisted of 3 nouns, 13 verbs, 1 adjective, and 7 adverbs. (2) 9 data of speech acts in the form of phrases, consisted of 1 noun phrase, 6 verb phrases, and 2 adjective phrases. (3) 9 data of speech acts in the form of clauses, which at least consisted of subject (S) and predicate (P). (4) 6 data sentences, consisted of subject (S), predicate (P), object (O), description (K), complement (Pel). In conclusion, the most commonly found in types and forms of speech acts are directive illocutionary and form of words. Keywords: film, illocutionary speech acts, pragmatics.

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