Sugiyanti, Sugiyanti (2020) “NASKAH BUKU MANGSA (SUNTINGAN TEKS DAN KAJIAN PRAGMATIK)”. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Sugiyanti 2020. Manuscript Buku Mangsa (Text Editing and Pragmatic Studies). Essay (S1) Indonesian Literature. Faculty of Cultural Studies. Undip Semarang. Supervisor: Dra. Rukiyah, M.Hum. and Drs. M. Muzakka, M.Hum. The manuscript studied by researchers in this study is the Buku Mangsa (Text Editing and Pragmatic Studies) is a manuscript obtained by buying the manuscript at the Gladak Solo ancient book market. Buku Mangsa is presented in the form of prose. The values contained in the Buku Mangsa are the order for human life so that in carrying out life should be in harmony and friendly with nature. This study describer the description of the manuscript, transliteration, translation of text and text edit. The theoretical basis used is philological theory to obtain text edits that are free from errors and pragmatic theory that refers to the role of the reader to express the meaning contained in the text of the Buku Mangsa. The research methods used include; data inventory, data processing and presentation of data analysis results. The results of the pragmatic analysis by the author include that every human being should protect the environment. Every human being is required to maintain the passions, always be patient and know and read the signs of nature as a lesson in life. Every human being also has an obligation to preserve nature and be careful in living life. Keywords: Buku Mangsa, Philological Theory, Pragmatic Theory.

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