C10 - Abdul Syakur (paper)

SYAKUR, ABDUL C10 - Abdul Syakur (paper). Proceedings - 2016 3rd International Conference on Information Technology, Computer, and Electrical Engineering (ICITACEE 2016) .

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Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma (DBD) is one of cold plasma type. In this research, DBD plasma was used for reducing Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) on industrial rubber waste. In the environment field DBD plasma is used as a water treatment and reduction of gas emissions (COx, NOx, and HC). In the development DBD plasma can be used as a wastewater treatment technology. Plasma is formed when a high voltage is supplied to the two electrodes. Electrodes used for this study is made of stainless steel and copper wire wrapped around pyrex pipes. Plasma as wastewater treatment technology uses high-voltage AC 50 Hz. Plasma from dielectric barrier discharge occurs when the electrode is given a high voltage to ionize water into active species. Plasma are generated depends on the amount of high voltage, configuration and electrode materials used, and the distance between the electrodes with a high voltage source. Plasma reactor is operated by using a variation of voltage (10 kV, 11 kV, 12 kV and 13 kV) and contact time plasma with wastewater (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 25 minutes) with a batch system in processing wastewater to reduce amount of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in wastewater processing natural rubber. Reducing COD contained in the waste because of the formation of the active species (O, OH, and O3) to degrade the organic matter in the wastewater of natural rubber industry.

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