Ririn, Juli Hardianti (2019) MISTISISME JAWA: STUDI TERHADAP CERPEN RINTRIK KARYA DANARTO. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Hardianti, Ririn Juli. 2019. “Javanese Mysticism: Study of the Rintrik Short Story by Danarto”. Bachelor of Science (S1) of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University, Semarang. “Rintrik” short story in a collection of Godlob short stories by Danarto tells the main character named Rintrik, an old, blind, an yhin skinny woman who has extraordinary physical strength. Old woman who work daily digging the baby’s grave have difficult ideasunderstood by other figures, even though it is clearly explained. Rintrik has a mission to eradicate all fraud. The way he traveled was to spread ideas about the concepts of self-acceptance, humanity, and divinity. Rintrik’s ideas convey mystically. At the end of story, Rintrik’s struggle to eradicate all abuse must be stopped because he was killed by the hunter. Rintrik’s ideas are very interesting to study. Besides being conveyed mystically, the ideas is aimed at making the life of a human life happy and serene. Therefore, tjis research attempts to describe the form and meaning of mystically ideas in the Rintrik short story. The method used is descriptive qualitative using three stages. First, providing data with written sources as references relating to research. Second, analyzing data with narrative structuralism theory A. J. Greimas, sufi-mysticism-Javanese mysticism, Javanese philosophy, and hermeunetic Paul Ricoeur. Third, presentation of data analysis results. The result of this research is the feeling of wanting to eradicate the misuse of Rintrik figure is one indicator that shows that the she is a Sufi or Mystic. Her myctical ideas refer to Javanese mysticism or kejawen. Although she failed to quell the fraud carried out by the hunter. The main goal in her life has been achieved, namely to see God’s face. Accoeding to one of the main points of the teachings in Javanese mysticism. Key words: Rintrik, hermeunetic, sufi, mystical, kejawen

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