Pramesti, Putri Hutami (2019) ATURAN WUDU SAHA DONGA PASALATAN (SUNTINGAN TEKS DISERTAI KAJIAN PRAGMATIK). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Hutami, Pramesti Putri. 2019. Aturan Wudu saha Donga Pasalatan: Suntingan Teks disertai Kajian Pragmatik. A Thesis. Undergraduate Program of Sastra Indonesia. Semarang. Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. Supervisors Dr. Muh. Abdullah M.A. and Dra. Rukiyah M.Hum. The manuscript of Aturan Wudu Saha Donga Pasalatan (AWSDP) is a manuscript containing the teachings of fiqih discusses the procedures of purification and prayer. The AWSDP manuscript is the collection of the Pura Pakualaman Library, Yogyakarta with calling code Is.5. This manuscript belongs to the category of Islamic text, written using Javanese Pegon Arabic Script. The research describes the description of the manuscript, manuscript transliteration, manuscript translation, and pragmatic analysis. The theory used in this research is the philological theory to obtain edits of text.The pragmatic theory isused to reveal the functions of the text contained in the AWSDP manuscript. The results of the analysis obtained is the function of worship for Muslims which includes the procedures for ablution and prayer. Purification consists of two parts, namely ablution to remove small hadas and bathing obligatory to remove large hadas including, jinabah bathing, menstrual bathing, wiladah bathing and puerperal bathing. Whereas the procedure for prayers consists of, the obligatory conditions of prayer, the legal requirements for prayer, the pillars of prayer, cases that cancel prayers, the intention of obligatory prayers and sunnah prayers. Keywords: AWSDP, Text Editing, Pragmatics Study

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