Dewi, Umi Kulsum (2019) HIKAYAT NABI MI’RAJ: SUNTINGAN TEKS DAN ANALISIS ISI. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Umi Kulsum, Dewi. 2019. "Hikayat Nabi Mi’raj: Text Editing and Content Analysis". Essay. Faculty of Humanities. Diponegoro University. Advisor I Dr. M. Abdullah, M. A. Advisor II Drs. M. Muzakka, M. Hum. The manuscript of Hikayat nabi Mi’raj W 78 shortened to HNM is a classic Malay literary work that is classified into literary works characterized by Islam. HNM manuscript can be used as an authentic source of the events of Isra' Mi'raj of the Prophet Muhammad saw, every event in it is reinforced by supporting propositions. HNM manuscripts are stored on the ninth floor of the Archipelago Manuscript section, the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. HNM manuscript is in weathered condition, clearly read. The HNM manuscript has never been studied philologically. To maintain the integrity of the contents of the text and find out the contents of the text, it is necessary to describe the manuscript, edit the text, and analyze the contents of the text. The theory developed in this research is filology and Religious theory, which later became the basis of work steps to present edits to the text and describe religious values based on content analysis. The research methods used include data collection, data analysis and data presentation. Data collection is done by literature study. Data analysis is divided into two stages, namely in philology and content analysis. Then the data is presented by descriptive method. Based on the results of the analysis of the contents of the Hikayat Nabi Mi'raj manuscript, it was concluded that the HNM manuscript contained religious values: 1) Moral values, moral values that can be taken from texts are greetings, glorify guests, respect for others, 2) the value of eschatology, the value of eschatology contained in the text is Yaumul Jaza, heaven and its pleasures, hell and torture, 3) the value of faith, the keimnaan contained in the text is tawakal, prayer, patience and amar ma'ruf nahi munkar, 4) historical values, historical values contained in the HNM manuscript is a meeting of the spirit realm and the real world, penetrate the sky's limit (sidrat al-muntaha) to mustawa in less than a night,and the souvenir of Isra' Mi'raj was the five daily prayers. Keywords: Classical Manuscripts, Isra’ Mi'raj, Content Analysis, Religious Values.

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