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Placing of (location) school facility (elementary school) as basic equipment facilitation of environment is sometimes accessible to road gives feeling of insecure/unsafe, cause of its impact on interaction conflict within its user (especially toward children). As implementation in giving saving protection to children, by traffic calming concept is thereby Schoolyard Secure Zone program (ZoSS),that is ; location on the road side which time based velocity road to manage vehicle speed around elementary school especially on school rush hour, to protect pedestrian walker mainly toward elementary school student and the danger of traffic accident. ZoSS implementation is effort to optimize road function as city facilitation by managerial on road operation as effort in administering movint system on road link to increase movement efficiency and safety of traffic user, which dependently toward road’s function classification. This observation is aimed to study the implementation of ZoSS at 3 (three) different locations in Bogor City, that are; SDN 1 Cibuluh, SDN I Batutulis and SD Mardiwaluyo, toward pedestrian walker, the walker perception and traffic performance. The observation method which used is quantitative descriptive, and the sample collection technique is Simple Random Sampling by Z-test statistics analysis for pedestrian user, and Accidental Sampling by descriptive analysis for traffic user, then traffic performance analysis toward service quality (V/C ratio), Level Of Service (LOS) and the velocity (V). The analysis yielded that ZoSS as conditional learning stated can change traffic user behavior, which the user is prone to do in save manner (value Z-count > Z-table) with error is 5%. While the traffic user perception, show that implementation of ZoSS has give secure feeling toward elementary student when crossing, but for parent SD still has anxiety toward driver’s manner. Vehicle velocity at roadside in implementation ZoSS under save category (under maximum limit of 20 km/h), which contradictive with minimum velocity planed (PP No. 34/2006) 30 km/h for secondary artery road, 20 km/h for secondary collector road. The implementation of ZoSS in Bogor city affects toward traffic performance by V average ranged within 17-24 km/h and VCR in scoped 0,0 - 0,6 which showed that LOS on E category with unstable flow characteristics, low speed, maneuver activity in traffic flow and direction changing were difficult to do and caused vehicle treading. Those conditions are continue, meanwhile management effort and traffic administration will only fixes capacity by decreasing the source, and therefore, must be considered in consistent way about long term solution in fixing traffic system based on road function classification. The ZoSS Implementation on collector and local road sides can be considered, but the implementation on artery road side need to be reviewed and toward inconsistency of artery road function which have conducted, need to be given alternative solution : 1) dividing expressline and slow line, by crossing facility on roas as JPO or underpass, 2) decreasing road function classification, but it should be existed alternative road which accommodate secondary road function. It is need improvement on further observation comprehensively by comparing performance between ZoSS crossing area with conventional “zebra cross”. Therefore, toward alternative handling on fixing the traffic artery road, it is need conducted further study related toward traffic pattern formation based facilition system and transportation demand, concord with direction of Bogor city development. Keywords: Traffic user, ZoSS, Behavior, Perception, Traffic Performance

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Traffic user, ZoSS, Behavior, Perception, Traffic Performance
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