THE PHENOMENON OF NON VOTING ON ELECTION IN JATENG 2008-2013 (A Case Study of Non Voting on Election in Semarang)

Tauchid , Dwijayanto (2010) THE PHENOMENON OF NON VOTING ON ELECTION IN JATENG 2008-2013 (A Case Study of Non Voting on Election in Semarang). Undergraduate thesis, FISIP Undip.



A high number of non-voting on elections in Jateng 2008 is a politic phenomenon that interesting to be analyzed. For politician, the non-voting decision is not a smart choice and tends to motivate the society to be skeptical and apathetic. For democracy development in Indonesia, this thing needs to get the serious attention. Although the percentage of the voter and the big number of non-voting do not disturb or cancel the election, however this condition can create how low the legitimation of the government and motivate the appearance of society that antipathy to the politic development that persisted. And finally, it can also stop the instruments of formal politic which can threat the ideal value of our country. Based on the level of urgency above, so the writer do the research with title ‘The Phenomenon of Non Voting on Election in Jateng 2008-2013, a Case Study of Non Voting on Election in Semarang’. The objects of this research are the non voting society in Semarang. The writer did this research to find the reasons why someone takes the non voting decision. The type that is used in this research is exploration research type, that is, the research that find some new phenomenons as the purpose. While the technique of collecting the sample in this research is using multistage random sampling or random sample in stages where the samples that is used are 100 respondents. The result of this research shows that the political reason is very dominate why someone chooses to not voting. The sceptical of society to election in Jateng is very high. Other reasons that support the non voting are the economical needs of the society is more urged so can defeat the importance of this election. Then, because the lack of sosialization from the government and KPU, so the knowledge of the society about this election still weak

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