Nur Chasanah, Isnaini (2019) KATA BOHONG: BENTUK, PERILAKU, DAN MAKNA DI MEDIA DIGITAL. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Isnaini, Nur Chasanah. 2019. Kata Bohong: Bentuk, Perilaku, dan Makna di Media Digital. Skripsi (S-1). Fakultas Ilmu Budaya. Universitas Diponegoro Semarang. Pembimbing: Drs. Suharyo, M.Hum dan Riris Tiani, S.S., M.Hum. This research is motivated by the language used by humans as a means of communication in everyday life. It is known that in language there are words as a form of realization of a human utterance. The word is a verbal sign that needs to be understood so that language users understand one another. The purpose of this research is to get a detailed description of the word lie compared to the explanation that has been described in the dictionary. Verbal signs will be clearer if analyzed through three branches of lingguistik, namely morphology, syntax, and semantics. Semantics is a branch of linguistics that examines the meaning of symbols. This thesis examines the word lie as a sign. This researcher uses the contradictory method at the stage of the relation of the meaning of the word lie with its synonym. The delusion and expansion techniques at the stage of syntactic behavior of the word lie in the phrase level. Morphological analysis of the word lie, in the affixation process, there are 14 affixes that can be joined with the word lie which is meN-, bert, ter-, per-, ke-n, right, di-n, meN-i, di-i , mand-, -kan, -an, -i, -in. Whereas in the reduplication process there are meN-Rs, meN-Rs, i-Rs, all Rs that can join with the word lie. In syntactic analysis it is known that from the level of the phrase the word hoax has a high level of intimacy. Whereas at the level of the clause, the word lying occupies the function of the subject, the function of the predicate, and the complementary function and can state the type of category of the adjective clause. In relation to semantic analysis, two types of meanings contained in the word lie are found, namely denotative and connotative meaning, and the meaning of the term. Found the meaning relation form of the word lie which is in the form of synonyms and antonyms. In addition, the distinguishing components of lying words are creatures, sense values, social level, and collocation. The results of the study there are basic words that contain the meaning of lying, namely the word lying, kibul, knee, hump, hoax. Keywords: Bohong, Form, Behavior, Meaning.

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