SOEKARNO AND PANCASILA (Political Idea Growth of Soekarno About Pancasila)

HERMAWAN, WIDHA HARSONO (2010) SOEKARNO AND PANCASILA (Political Idea Growth of Soekarno About Pancasila). Undergraduate thesis, FISIP Undip.



Soekarno as one of the Founding Father Indonesian nation owning different idea characteristic from Indonesian figure in its epoch. Political rationale of Soekarno give accomodation at important stream which is life in Indonesia society. Five Principles represent top from idea of Soekarno since year 1920-an. And condition situation differ expanding a period of Soekarno in command not influence its view to humanism, modern colonialism and also colonialism. Soekarno represent one who can see through and catch Indonesia people aspiration and condition with all complexity then to firming up as a nation. Soekarno also a visioner capable to see and open on to the fore which abysmal far its era, so that thereby can give struggle reference and guidance to Indonesian nation and also mankind in developing and civilization prosperity of its life. Nevertheless, Soekarno be really ordinary human being which also can make mistake. Idea of Soekarno which is " special" the result Soekarno trapped in made power circle it own when leading at a period of Democracy Led. This research aim to know how political idea growth about Five Principles by Soekarno since is young till he have command of at a period of Democracy Led. From here Democratize to be interpreted as materialization of President will;desire with Five Principles as a means of. This Research type is analytical descriptive with data collecting method pass literature study. Pursuant to result of from this research can be pulled by conclusion that still there are relation from idea of its Soekarno nonage like Nationalism, Islam, Marxism, Marhaenisme and nature of humanism and also its view to west world with Soekarno after in command.

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