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The accumulation of customer invoice arrears while billions rupiah has implicate to PDAM performance. This phenomenon increasingly accours so Kendari Water Supply Company service has yet optimal. Aims of the research is to formulate urban water supply infrastructure service concept especially in Kendari Water Supply Company by analysing to technical, financial and management performance as well as ability and willingness to pay of customer. The research is qualitative and quantitative descriptive, using data collecting method by interview, questioner and observation. Interview targeted both directors and employees. Information on social and economic condition, perception and expectations, knowledge and customer acquisitions, behaviour and customer reasons suspended their invoice obtained through observation and randomly spread questioner to the 67 respondents. The research prove up that in technical aspect the production capacity has yet optimum from 400 l/s to 223 l/s otherwise there are idle capacity as 44,25 percents, water leakage of 41 percents. From financial aspect, there is high loss as worth as over three billions rupiah. From management aspect has low control and low productivity of employees. Meanwhile from customers conditions founded such as; most of customer appreciate to the quality, quantity and continuity service is not satisfied, knowledge or customers acquisitions is low, participation or behavior in benefiting water is low; customer reasons suspend theirs invoice rationally as well as irrationally. The research founds that there are four characteristic of the customer, namenly customer which is; occupied ability but insufficient in willingness to pay, occupied willingness but insufficient in ability to pay, occupied both ability and willingness to pay, and contrary; insufficient both ability and willingness to pay. The research concludes that in 2006 delivered service by KWSC is not optimum, strightly affected by internal circumstance and unstrightly by external respectively. Ability and willingness to pay affected by social, ecomonic characteristic, appreciation, expectation, acquisition and customer behaviour. Best service in water supply infrastructure detemined by service quality, technology, tarrif policy, low enforcement and intesive communication. Finally, the research formulates a service concept namely improving service quality by benefiting technology, optimal tariff policy, wisely apply rule of the games, and intensive communication. This concept acronimly needed properly, pay attention, and serve completely. Key word : PDAM Performance, Ability and Willingness To Pay, Service Concept.

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