Muhammad Faqih , Abdul Karim (2019) FUNGSI TEKS RISALAH ABU LAITS BAGI MASYARAKAT CIREBON SAAT INI (Suntingan Teks dan Kajian Pragmatik). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Karim, Muhammad Faqih Abdul. Risalah Abu Laits Text Function for the People of Cirebon Today (Text Editing and Pragmatic Study). Bachelor Thesis, Indonesian Literature, Faculty of Cultural Science. Diponegoro University, Semarang. Supervisor Dr. Muh. Abdullah, M.Hum. and Nur Fauzan Ahmad, S.S., M.A. Risalah Abu Laits is one of the manuscripts stored in the Kacirebonan Palace, Cirebon, with the code KCR 25. This manuscripts is a gift from an Ambonese Ulama, namely Shayk Maulana Maghribi during the reign of Sultan Moch. Chairudin, around 1800-1850 AD. In the text there is only information that this text was written by Abu Laits as-Samarkandi. This manuscript contains the teachings of Islamic religion, namely tauhid, fiqh, and daily prayers. This study aims to present text edits and describe their functions based on pragmatic studies. The author uses two theories in text analysis, namely philology theory and pragmatic theory. Philological theory is used to collect data, make text descriptions, outline text content and text transliteration , and proceed with editing the text. While the pragmatic theory is done to find out the values and functions contains in the RAL text. The result of the philological research analysis are in the form of script descriptions and edits of RAL texts and their translations to facilitate the readers in understanding the text content. The result of pragmatic analysis include the teachings of the Islamic religion for a Muslim who is already converted. These teachings include tauhid, fiqh, and daily prayers delivered by the author through a brief explanation. The existence of this study aims to determine the function and relevance of the values contained in the text for the community in Cirebon, where the manuscript is stored. Keywords : Risalah Abu Laits, philology, manuscript, pragmatic.

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