Wildan, Bachtiar (2019) HIKAYAT BAPAK BILALANG: SUNTINGAN TEKS DISERTAI KAJIAN PRAGMATIK. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Bachtiar, Wildan. 2018. “Hikayat Bapak Bilalang: Suntingan Teks Disertai Kajian Pragmatik”. Undergraduate Thesis of Indonesian Literature Department, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Advisor: Nur Fawzan Ahmad, S.S., M.A. and Dra. Mirya Anggrahini, M.Hum. Hikayat Bapak Bilalang (HBB) is an old manuscript stored in National Library of Indonesia (PNRI) with calling code W 212. HBB text is a handwritten text using Malay with Arabic-Malay letters. The HBB manuscript was written by Haji Ibrahim in June 1870 AD or Rabiulawal 1287 AH on Penyengat Island. Contents of the manuscript tells a story of a character named Bapak Si Belalang, a joke story well-known in Malay people, written in prose. Research on the HBB manuscript was done by author in order to make the reader is able to read the story in the manuscript again and take advantage or lesson for nowadays and future society. The basic theories used in this research were philology and pragmatic. The research methods used in the research were data collection, data analysis, and data presentation method. Data collection was done by study of catalog, then data analysis was done by using philological theory to reveal the contents of manuscript and pragmatic approach to reveal the advantage to reader. Furthermore, the result of research were presented descriptively. The author devided the analysis result of HBB manuscript into two aspects, those are joke aspect (entertainment) and moral aspect (education). The entertainment aspect consist of the Bapak Si Belalang’s lucky story, the Si Belalang’s sly and slippery story, and the Lebai Malang’s hapless story. While the education aspect consist of the obligation to find a living, make effort to reach something, keep away from arrogant, the important of discussion, reply a kindness of others, affection, the beauty of sharing, and always pray all the times. Moral value behind the HBB story can be used as reflection for society life. Keywords: HBB manuscript, philology, pragmatic, joke, moral.

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