Mia, Apriana (2019) “NASKAH RISALAH TAUHID : SEBUAH SUNTINGAN TEKS DISERTAI KAJIAN ANALISIS ISI ”. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Apriana, Mia. 2019. "Manuscript of Minutes of Tawheed: An Edited Text Accompanied by Text Analysis". Thesis Undergraduate Program in Indonesian Literature. Semarang: Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University. Advisor: Dr. M. Abdullah M. Hum and Drs. M. Muzakka, M. Hum. The Manuscript of Tawheed (RT) text is an ancient text containing Islamic teachings such as the Pillars of Islam. This manuscript is stored in the house of Mr. Setyarso, having his address at Desa Jabungan, Rt 01 Rw 05 Kel. Hamlet, Kec. Sukoharjo. In this Tauhid Minutes Manuscript contains the Pillars of Islam which consist of the Creed and Salat which are the foundation of the Islamic religion. In this study the authors analyzed using the theory of philology and pillars of Islam, which later became the basis of the steps of research work, philological theory in the form of inventory of manuscripts, descriptions of texts, manuscript transcriptions, edits and transcription of texts. While content analysis theory is used to uncover, understand and capture the messages contained in the text. The author conducts a direct script search, the results of the analysis of this study are divided into two, namely (1) the teachings of monotheism in the form of creed (2) fiqh teachings include the procedure for doing the correct prayer. The results of the study show that the benefits of the Treatise of Tawheed texts are useful for Muslims. Keywords: Tauhid Minutes, Content Analysis approach

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