Mulia, Endriyana (2019) TEKS DONGENG RUPI-RUPI : SEBUAH SUNTINGAN TEKS BESERTA KAJIAN PRAGMATIK. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Endriyana, Mulia.2019. Dongeng Rupi-Rupi: A Text Editing with a Pragmatic Study. Thesis, Indonesian Literature Study Program, Bachelor Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Advisor: Drs. Moh. Muzakka, M. Hum., And Dra. Mirya Anggrahini, M. Hum. The object of this research is Dongeng Rupi-Rupi. Dongeng Rupi-Rupi are kept in the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. The text was written in Javanese script and in Javanese. This study aims to make text edits based on philological research methods and to find elements in the text of Dongeng Rupi-Rupi, which relates values in people's lives. The results of the analysis of this study are presented descriptively. This research uses qualitative methods based on philological theory and pragmatic theory. Philology theory is used to identify manuscripts and manuscript edits. In Dongeng Rupi-Rupi found corrected writing errors which are presented in table form and given footnotes on corrupted words written in the script, such as; meskin, kotha, mengkunno. The results of the philology research are then used as primary data to be analyzed using a pragmatic approach, so that the values contained in literary works are known, namely moral values, social values, and cultural values. Through pragmatic analysis the researcher can take an outline that in Dongeng Rupi-Rupi apparently found content that has relevance to contemporary life, such as; instilling cooperation, friends influencing behavior, instilling awareness to always work hard, did not pampering children, and teaching self-control. Keywords: fairy tales, relevance of fairy tales, children, philology, pragmatics.

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