Mu'in, Muhammad (2015) PATTERN OF COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY USED BY PATIENTS IN DIABETES CARE REGIMENT. PROCEEDING 3rd JAVA INTERNATIONAL NURSING CONFERENCE 2015 “Harmony of Caring and Healing Inquiry for Holistic Nursing Practice; Enhancing Quality of Care” . pp. 214-220. ISSN 978-602-72792-2-0



Background: Diabetes is chronic health problem which couldnt be cured. Use of medical therapy in a long term need huge budget and increase risk of adverse effect. Complementary/ alternative medicine CAM) is a choice for patient in diabetes care management beside conventional medical therapy. Some of CAM were’nt have enough evidence based support respect to its benefit and adverse effect. Objective: Aim of the study was to explore pattern of use of CAM by diabetic patient. Methods: The study used qualitative descriptive phenomenology method and data collected by in-depth interview. Participants were 4 diabetic patient and 2 of diabetic patient family member who used CAM. Result: Diabetes patients perceive complementary therapy as an effort to manage disease, complement to other diabetes care regiments, and substitutes or complements of medical drugs therapy. Reasons of use of complementary therapy were low cost, practical, and effective therapeutic impact. CAMs used by diabetes patient were herbs, animal, supplement diet, pray, and massage. Sources of information of CAM were families, friends, and traditional healer. Herbs ingredients were boiled, applied with hot water, made like a coffee, or cooked like salads/ vedgetables. Impact of complementary therapy used faced by diabetic patient were both beneficial and detrimental. Discussion: Study findings congruent with other studies. Diabetes patient manage CAM administration by themself and no consultation with health professionals that may harmfull for them eventhough they only experience minor side effect. Its need further study to find conclusive CAM effectivity and safety. Conclutions: The study findings consist of diabetes patient perception about CAM, reasons of CAM uses, how to uses CAM, and impact felt after CAM uses. Use of complementary therapy need to be consulted with health professionals to help diabetic patient consider its adverse effects and beneficials. Keywords : Diabetes, Complementary/ Alternative Medicine (CAM)

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