Yusmia Devy, Rahma Rayanti (2019) EKRANISASI DARI NOVEL KE FILM PROMISE (SEBUAH KAJIAN SASTRA BANDINGAN). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Rayanti, Yusmia Devy Rahma. 2019. “Ekranisasi dari Novel ke Film Promise: Kajian Sastra Bandingan”. Thesis. Bachelor Program of Indonesian Litertature. Faculty of Humanity. Diponegoro University. Semarang. Supervisor 1 is Dr. Redyanto Noor, M.Hum and supervisor 2 is Khothibul Umam, S.S., M.Hum. Promise is a novel that written by Dwitasari. It has published by Loveable publisher at August, 2016. The genre of this novel is romance. Promise also the tittle of a movie which directed by Asep Kusdinar. The movie has the same genre which adapted from Dwitasari’s novel and it has told about the meaning of promise that said by Rahman to Kanya. Rahman fighted for his love until Milan, Italia. Novel and the movie of Promise is use the mixed grooves. The methode which use in this research is approachment of structural and comparation literature (ekranisasi). Ekranisasi from novel to the movie of Promise got some variation change, include the addiction and the subtraction. Both of it are use the study of comparation literature. Ekranisasi is a process delivery fee, which a novel that a written shape to be an audio visual shape. Then, it has analyze based on material object that use, which are novel and movie with the aim to know about the equation and the change which happend to them. The result of novel and the Promise movie is showing that there some changes and addiction story, addiction and substraction background, include the disappearance of character. But, the ekranisasi from novel to the Promise movie, does not has the difference which so far until change the main idea in the novel.

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