Raynaldi, Susila Saputra (2019) OBSESI TOKOH UTAMA DALAM CERPEN FILOSOFI KOPI KARYA DEE LESTARI (SUATU TINJAUAN PSIKOLOGI SASTRA). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Saputra, Raynaldi Susila. 2018. The Obsession of Main Character in Short Story Filosofi Kopi written by Dee Lestari: A Study of Psychology of Literature. A thesis, Indonesian Literature Major, S-1 Degree, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. Semarang. Thesis Advisors Drs. M. Hermintoyo, M. Pd. And Fajrul Falah, S.Hum., M.Hum. The object material of this research is a short story Filosofi Kopi written by Dee Lestari. This research used a descriptive method based on the fiction structure theory and personality psychology theory. The aims of the research are to analyze the intrinsic structure of short story called Filosofi Kopi, to express the obsession of Ben as the main character on the short story, and to show the clarification of emotion of the main character. The writer used fiction structure theory to describe the short story builder elements (character and characterization, plot). The writer also used the psychology of literature theory that is focused on psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud to study the main character through personality structure id, ego, and superego. The result of structure analysis towards short story Filosofi Kopi is there are four characters consist of one main character and three additional characters; the characterization in the main character used dramatic technique with five categories of presentation, that are, character’s trait, character’s feeling, behavior, and setting’s portrayal; the short story Filosofi Kopi’s plot is straight since the storyline is displayed consecutively. The result of personality structure of Ben character has balanced personality between id, ego, and superego. This can be seen based on the attitude or the character of Ben in his daily life. Although Ben’s character is more dominant to show his ego aspect in the beginning, the superego aspect from his moral personality is able to become his action reference so that Ben’s character could recognize the good or the bad and the appropriate action to take. Based on the clarification of emotion, it is showed that Ben’s characters in short story Filosofi Kopi have four emotion categories, that are, sense of guilt, shame, sad, and love. Keywords: Novel, Fiction Structure, Psychology of Literature, Personality Structure, Emotion Clarification.

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