Ervin, Nabilla (2019) KONFLIK BATIN TOKOH NATHAN DALAM NOVEL DEAR NATHAN KARYA ERISCA FEBRIANI Pendekatan Psikologi Sastra. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Nabilla, Ervin. 2018. “Konflik Batin Tokoh Nathan dalam Novel Dear Nathan karya Erisca Febriani Pendekatan Psikologi Sastra”. Skripsi. Bachelor Degree in Indonesian Literature Department. Faculty of Cultural Studies, Diponegoro University. Semarang. Advisor I Drs. Moh. Muzakka, M.Hum. Advisor II Fajrul Falah, S.Hum, M.Hum. The novel Dear Nathan tells about the lives of millennial adolescents raised by Nathan Januar Presetyo as the main character in the novel. The author tries to examine and reveal the inner conflicts experienced by Nathan's character by using structural theory, sequential theory, Sigmund Freud's literary psychology theory, inner conflict theory and Albertine Minderop's emotional classification. The emergence of terms to reveal the intrinsic elements in the novel Dear Nathan, namely the character and characterization, plot and channeling, and background. Sequential theory as a reference for determining the main character and sequence of stories. Psychology freedom theory by Sigmund Freud to reveal the id, ego, and sueperego that occur in the character Nathan. Concrete theories are used to uncover problems that occur in Nathan's characters. Classification of dilemmas to uncover the types that occur in Nathan's characters. The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative method with a psychological and psychological approach. In-depth results in depth in Nathan's Very Leading novel centered on Nathan's characters. Inner conflicts that occur are those that occur because of an imbalance between id, ego, and superego. It can be concluded that Nathan has a personality that is too fast to make decisions. Nathan's devotion was shaken by remorse which caused him to become a closed and brutal person. Nathan's superego was seen when he decided to turn out to be a better person by asking for help from Salma as his lover at the time. Factors that caused the conflict to occur in Nathan's figures were divided into external conflicts which included conflict between Nathan and his family, friends, and Salma as his lover. Conflict resolution in Erisca Febriani's Dear Nathan novel can be resolved by the main character itself. Keywords: Novel, Figure, Inner Conflict, Sigmund Freud's Personality, Emotional Classification.

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