Rani, Wazkika Fauzi (2018) VARIAN LEKSIKON DI EMPAT DAERAH PERBATASAN KABUPATEN PURWOREJO. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



This study have a purpose to describe lexicon variant, a typical form of Javanese in the border area of Purworejo Regency, and the distribution of the lexicon variant. The methode that used to collect data is field learning method, the author must conducts an interview based on the prepared question. The author instanly write the data from the informant and record interview process. The parts of the data analysis is descriptive qualitative. The presentation of the data is a analysis result description of the lexicon variant as outlined in the language map of each region and unique javanese that found in the border of Purworejo region. The result that found in this study is 1) there are four lexicon variants that grouped based on the number of the variants, named by variants of two lexicons, three lexicon varians, four lexicon variants, and five lexicon variants 2) javanese dialect of purworejo have an unique form at the observation point two or Pituruh subdistrict, there is vocal amplification on vocal / a / ~ / e / in the position of the cultivator which is influenced by consonant / b / bilabial which is in front of the vowel / a /. The unique form that found in the observation point three or Bruno subdistrict is, fonem vocal /a/ have astability because that vocal don’t turn to /Ɔ/ and /a/, that region is considered as a conservative region. Meanwhile observation point one or Kaligesing subistrict is the area that have most lexicon variants because that region is borders with culture center in java, yogyakarta, for example gloss (name) is found in four lexicon variant, ∂n∂η, lexicon rum-rum, lexicon aran, and lexicon t∂η∂r. 3) based on the description, the distribution of the lexicon in the three broadest regional observation points is found in TP 2,3,4 and TP1 type, that type have 11 lexicon and broadest lexicon distribution in that two TP found in TP1,4 with 30 lexicon. Keywords: dialectology, Purworejo dialect Javanese, lexicon variant, distinctive shape, lexicon distribution.

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