M. Ali, Mashunil Huda (2018) HADITS AD-DIKU L-ABYAD: SUNTINGAN TEKS DAN ANALISIS ISI (CONTENT ANALYSIS). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Huda, M. Ali Mashunil. 13010113120013. Hadits Ad-diku L-Abyad: Text Edits and Content Analysis. Skripsi. Bachelor degree of Indonesian Literature. Semarang. Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. (Drs. Moh Muzakka, M. Hum. and Dra. Mirya Anggrahini, M. Hum.) The Hadits Ad-diku L-Abyad script is a text that contains a collection of hadith related to white rooster. It is a collection of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia (PNRI) with dial number W 282, and it is written using Arabic script with Javanese language below it as its meaning.Using two theories, which are theory of philology and theory of content analysis, this research aims to present the text edit of Hadits Ad-diku L-Abyad and to reveal the values inside the text, especially moral, worship and social values. Theory of philology is applied for analyzing the text in order to get the text description and the text edit of Hadits Ad-diku L-Abyad script. Then, this analysis theory is used to reveal the values that the text contains. The result of this research is the content analysis of Hadits Ad-diku L-Abyad script shows several moral, prays and social values, for instance, moral value teaches us not to swear or to do something bad towards others; value of worship tells us that people have responsibilities of worship like shalat, dzikir, and praying throughout life; and social value explains that discussion and advising each other are good example of interaction as human beings. Keywwords : Script, Hadist Ad-diku L-Abyad, White Rooster, Content Analysis.

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