NASKAH QAWA'IDU L-ISLAM WA L-IMAN (Suntingan Teks dan Kajian Pragmatik)

Ana, Fauzul Muna (2018) NASKAH QAWA'IDU L-ISLAM WA L-IMAN (Suntingan Teks dan Kajian Pragmatik). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Muna, Ana Fauzul. 2018. Qawa'idu l-Islam wa l-iman’s Manuscript (Editing teks and pragmatic studies). Skripsi. Faculty of Humanities, Diponogoro University. Leaders I Dr. M. Abdullah, M.A, II Drs. M. Muzakka, M.Hum. Qawa'idu l-Islam wa l-iman’s Manuscript (QII) is the ancient manuscript who has an Arabic letter and Malay. QII is manuscript that saved in Nasional Library of Indonesian Republic with manuscript number BR 418. This manuscript has three teks among others: fiqh, Friday prayer, and tauhid. The author count heavely on the first teks which is fiqh. This research has a purpose for present editing teks and explain advantage in teks based on pragmatic studies. The author use two theory among others: philology and pragmatic. This research use some methods which is: collection, analysis, and present the data inside. Data analysis divided in two part which is philology and pragmatic. And then the data presented by discriptive method. The result of analysis from QII manuscript contain two function which is: religion function and education function. The religion function in QII manuscript contain pillars of Islam among others: Syahadat, prayer, obligatory charity, fasting, hajj trip. Thaharah include istinja, wudu, take a bath, menstruation, nifas, and tayamum. Pillars of faith is believe to Allah, while education function in the QII manuscript contain advice to study hard, pray when go and out from bathroom. Key word: Qawa'idu l-Islam wa l-iman’s manuscript, philology, pragmatic.

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