Sholihatun, Nissa (2018) MACAPATAN DALAM PROSESI LAMPAH BUDAYA MUBENG BETENG DI YOGYAKARTA: SARANA KOMUNIKASI VERBAL TRANSENDENTAL (Suatu Kajian Antropolinguistik). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Language is used to be a media of communication between communicants and communicators which can also be their culture reflection as well as macapatan. Macapatan is the art of singing macapat songs. It lives in the Javanese culture. One of the macapat performances is as an opening in the LBMB or cultural ritual by circumambulating The Fortress of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. That ritual takes place on the night of 1 Sura at Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Special Region of Yogyakarta. There are 3 anthropolinguistic parameters of Sibarani's idea in the discussion of this thesis, namely interconnection, valuability, and continuity. Analysis of text, co-text, and context explain the macapatan interconnection in the LBMB procession. Analysis of values, meanings and functions explain the valuability of macapatan in the LBMB procession. Existence and revitalization analysis explain aspects of continuity of this research case. All those three parameters are holistically discussed to answer the formulation of the problem. This thesis applies an anthropolinguistic approach. The data of this research is poetry discourses that sung during macapatan. The method of providing data uses scrutinize method by applying the technique of tapping, scrutinize and engaged in conversation, record, and note. Analysis in the form of qualitative-descriptive uses a combination of padan and agih methods by using marker reading technique, then the results are presented formally and informally. The results of this research conclude that macapatan in the LBMB procession become transcendental verbal communication media. The language that is used in macapatan is a beautiful wording. It based on text analysis on poetry discourse entitled “Werdinipun Surat Al-Fatihah, Kidung Sarira Ayu, Kidung Jati Mulya, Kidung Artati, Kidung Marmarti”, and “Muji Sokur Jogjakarta Tetep Istimewa” that have dhandhanggula metrum, “Tanggal 1 Sura Salebeting Sewindu” that has kinanthi metrum, dan “Kidung Pandonga Murih Raharjaning Praja lan Kawula Republik Indonesia” that has sinom metrum. The elements of co-text (in the form of kinesic, paralinguistic, proxemic, material elements) and context (situation, social, cultural, ideological) appear along with the text. Macapatan became a means of delivering prayers, hopes, and praise to God through the use of aesthetic language. Macapat sustainability will be in line with LBMB sustainability if the community continues to preserve it. Keywords: anthropolinguistics, macapatan, Lampah Budaya Mubeng Beteng (LBMB), interconnection (text, co-text, context), valuability, continuity

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