Muhammad , Isnaeni Al-Kayyisu (2018) NASKAH RISALATUS SHIYAM : SUNTINGAN TEKS BESERTA KAJIAN PRAGMATIK. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Al-Kayyisu, Muhammad Isnaeni. 2018. "Manuscripts of Risalatus Shiyam: Text Edits and Pragmatic Studies". Thesis. Undergraduate Program of Indonesian Literature Study. Semarang: Faculty of Culture Study, Diponegoro University. Advisor: Dr. M. Abdullah M. Hum and Drs. M. Muzakka, M. Hum. The Risalatus Shiyam (RS) manuscript is an anthology of Islamic scriptures which falls under the Islamic boarding school literature category. RS has Sufism teachings regarding the creeds of fasting and other prayers during Ramadan, which are; the mandatory nature of sawm, tarawih prayer, reading the Quran, honoring Laylat al-Qadr, almsgiving, performing Takbeer, and forming bonds with others. The RS manuscript was written by Kyai Bisri Musthofa and composed by Ahmad Abdul Al-Qondali. The manuscript was finished on November 6, 1956 / 3 Rabī’ al-Thānī 1376. The author begins the study by describing and editing the RS text to further analyze what functions are contained in the text. The aim of this study is to present the edited text and elaborate the benefits based on pragmatic analysis, and also to compare with the present society. The writer used two fields of study in analyzing the text, namely philology, and pragmatic. The philology analysis was carried in a series of steps, namely, composing the manuscript’s description and outline, transliterating, and editing the transliterated text. The pragmatic analysis was used to find out the benefits of the moral values written in RS. The result of pragmatic analysis revealed that RS has Sufism teachings of morals, which are: always be grateful, forms a social relationship with others by getting acquainted, mingle with others, and no social discrepancy. A few of those teachings are very much related to our everyday lives. The RS manuscript is also a practical guide for ordinary people who want to carry out bi-worship services in Ramadan, because in the RS manuscript is equipped with teachings, prayers and dhikr that are easy to understand and carry out, even though they are carried out with detailed and in-depth discussion. . Keywords: Risalatus Shiyam, Fasting, Philology, Pragmatics.

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