Romandon, Romandon (2018) NASKAH CANDRANING BAWANA (SUNTINGAN TEKS DISERTAI KAJIAN SEMIOTIK). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Romandon. 2018. “Candraning Bawana Manuscript (Editing Text Accompanied by Semiotic Studies)”. Thesis. Undergraduate Program in Indonesian Literature. Faculty of Humanities. Universitas Diponegoro. Advisors Dra. Rukiyah, M. Hum. and Dra. Mirya Anggrahini, M. Hum. Candraning Bawana manuscript is an ancient manuscript in the form of a macapat song Dhandhanggula. This manuscript tells the state of the transfer of power from President Ir. Soekarno to President Soeharto. This manuscript is stored at Niken Putri Andana Kusuma's house, Jl. Basuki Pulau Harapan V number 106 Cipayung, East Jakarta. Candraning Bawana is a Javanese manuscript, written by Praju Puspita in Solo in 1946. The researcher focuses on his research on the script in the form of the song. In the song, there are many meanings. The theories developed in this study are philology and semiotic, which then become the bases of the work step to present edits of text and describe the meaning based on semiotic studies. Research methods used in this study are the data collection, data analysis, and data presentation. The data collection is carried out with the literature studies. The data analysis is divided into two phases, which are philology and semiotics. Then, the data is presented by the descriptive method. The results of the analysis of Bawana Candraning manuscript are (1) In order to live peacefully, humans must respect each other, respect each other not to be arbitrary to others, let alone to colonize. (2) The condition of the Indonesian people is chaotic due to the transfer of power from President Soekarno to President Soeharto. (3) In this world, the humans live with nature. The occurrence of natural disasters that hit Indonesia is a warning from God. (4) To tell humanity to repent with the true repentance because God is Supreme, who accepts all the bad behavior of his servants so that the humans can survive the world and the hereafter. Keywords: Bawana Candraning manuscript, philology, semiotics, meaning.

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