The Performance of Beef Cattle Fed by Complete Feed

Sunarso, Sunarso and Nuswantara, Limbang Kustiawan and SETIADI , AGUS and Budiyono, Budiyono (2011) The Performance of Beef Cattle Fed by Complete Feed. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 11 (1). ISSN 126805-2727

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For Complete feed a diet were formulated mixed roughage and concentrate in one diet. CF in the study utilizes the agricultural land and crop estate by products. The aims of the study to determine the effect of the CF diets on the performance, to determine the efficiency of the diet use economic evaluation. 20 Simmental crossbreed young bulls (initial body weight = 375,10 ± 24,05) were housed in separate pens with space 2 m2. The completely random design (CRD) was used in the study. Complete feed were formulated in five treatments, T0 (control) 9.78%CP, 60%TDN; T1 (11%CP, 60%TDN); T2 (12%CP, 63%TDN); T3 (13%CP, 60%TDN); T4 (14%CP, 60%TDN). Dry matter (DM), Organic matter (OM), Crude protein (CP), Total Digestible Nutrient (TDN) intake and digestibility to examine effects of complete feed on rumen degradability. Average daily gain (ADG) were used to examine the effect of complete feed on performance of bulls. Urea and glucose bloods were used to determine on hematologist. The statistical analysis indicated that DM, OM, CP, and TDN intakes and were not significant (P>0.05). Average daily gain of bulls fed by T2 (1.54) was the highest (P<0.05). FCR of T2 (7.33) was the lowest than that in other treatments. The income of the bulls fed by T2 assumed others factors constant was IDR 16,629.74. Implementation of complete feed (CP 12%, TDN 63%) could increase the performance of cattle.

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