Ida Lailatussoimah, Ida (2018) VERBA MAJEMUK –KAESU DALAM KALIMAT BAHASA JEPANG 日本語の文章における複合動詞「-かえす」. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



ABSTRACT Lailatussoimah, Ida. 2018. “Compound Verbs –Kaesu in Japanese Sentences”. Thesis. Department of Japanese Language and Culture, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. The Advisor: Lina Rosliana, S.S., M.Hum. The aim of this research is to describe the structure of compound verbs –kaesu in Japanese Sentences. Furthermore, this reasearch also to describe the meaning of compound verbs –kaesu. The data being used are obtained from the website and some online news articles. The data were collected by library study, observation and writing technique. Then, the research data were analyzed using distributional method. The results of the analysis is presented by informal method which is explained with simple words. Based on the results of the analysis, compound verbs –kaesu formed by three combinations, they are “noun + verb”, “verb + verb”, and “adjective + verb”. The characteristics of noun that attached to verb –kaesu are ordinary nouns. The characteristics of verb that attached to verb –kaesu are action verb/ stative verb, volitional verb/ non-volitional verb, transitive verb/ intransitive verb. The adjective that attached to verb kaesu is na-adjective. Moreover, compound verbs –kaesu have 12 meanings and 5 meaning relations. Keyword: compound verb, meaning, structure, kaesu

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