Sinta, Novia Sari (2018) KAJIAN ALIH WAHANA ANTARA CERITA PENDEK DAN SKENARIO FILOSOFI KOPI. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Sari, Sinta Novia. 2018. “Transformation Analysis of Short Story and Scenario Entittled Filosofi Kopi”. Thesis. Department of Indonesian Language and Literature Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University Semarang. Advisor: Ken Widyawati, S. S., M. Hum. dan Laura Andri. R. M., S. S., M. A. Filosofi Kopi scenario by Jenny Jusuf is an adaption of short stories by Dewi Lestari called Filosofi Kopi. Both works are recounted Ben’s journey to find the meaning of perfection life through the coffee. Ben, with his expertise about coffee, claims that all the meanings of life can be represented by the tastes of his coffee blends. Includes the meaning of the perfection life. While Ben is searching the meaning of the perfection life, he faces variuos cases that made him aware about the true meaning of life. Through that process Ben finally giving up his ambition and admited that there is no perfection in this world, and the imperfection is actually part of life that must be enjoyed. I was analyzing the process of transformation from Filosofi Kopi short story into script of movie. The transformation from the art works into the another art works are definitely have certain changes. The focus of this research is the dynamic changes that held in transformation process of short stories into scenario by doing a comparison between short story and scenario. The material objects are the short stories and the scenario of Filosofi Kopi. Data from short stories and scenario is using reading technique, scrutinize, and note. This research is contains a description of the intrinsic element in Filosofi Kopi short story and scenario. And description of the transformation process that occurred in the both works. This study was analyzed by using theory of structural, which is theme, character and characterizations, setting, plot, and theory of transformation. The research shows there are scenes that deliberately removed, added, and be changed according to the needs. The changes in transformation process of short stories into movie develop the downsizing, addition, and change vary. The aspects of downsizing was found 6 scenes, the aspects of addition was found 16 scenes, and the aspects of change vary was found 11 scenes. The process of downsizing, addition, and change varied is done for that the essence of short stories delivered effectively. The changing information of the stories does not give a big influence to the whole scenario. Keyword: transformation, short stories, scenario, Filosofi Kopi.

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