Corona Discharge Plasma Technology to Accelerate the Growth of Black Soybean Plants

Nelumbo N, Nelumbo Corona Discharge Plasma Technology to Accelerate the Growth of Black Soybean Plants. Corona Discharge Plasma Technology to Accelerate The Growth of Black Soybean Plants, 6 (14). pp. 35-40. ISSN 2225-0921

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Corona glow discharge plasma has been used to accelerate the growth of soybean black seed plants. This system consists a corona reactor with configuration of electrodes of multi points to plane. Multi points to plane electrodes system are designed with the distance between the electrodes 2 cm and number of points electrode was 64 of needles. Seeds were grouped to 5 groups of samples. Grouping was based on treatment time of plasma that were 6 minutes, 12 minutes, 18 minutes, 24 minutes and 30 minutes. The growth of the soybean seed black’s crop has been carried out by analyzing the amount of percentage germination, measuring the length of the stem, the width of the leaves. Measurement have been taken each five days until 30 days. The research results showed that 5 groups of samples irradiated by glow discharge corona plasma (IGDCP) more progressive growth comparing with seeds without irradiated by corona plasma (control). Moreover, we found that the effectiveness of growth increases with increase of treatment irradiation time. For treatment irradiation time of 30 minutes after planted for 30 days, and compared with control samples, we found that escalates in length of 71.38%, number of leaves increases of 3.27%, wide leaves augment of 16.47%. Percentage germination of samples with 30 minutes’ treatment time was 314.28% compare with control. We suppose that the increasing growth parameter of soybean black seed is cause of increasing nitrogen in seed by intrusion of nitrogen ion when irradiation corona discharge plasma. Keywords: electrodes, irradiation, plasma, soybean black seed, nitrogen ions

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Additional Information:All members of group of the research thanks to Ministry of Research, Technology and High Education for financial support of this research in the schema Students Creativity Program for Research (PKM-P) of the year 2016.
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