Aulia, Rizqi Mulyani (2018) PERLAWANAN TOKOH PEREMPUAN DALAM CERPEN “ISTRI YANG TIDAK PULANG” DAN “STACCATO” KARYA DJENAR MAESA AYU (Tinjauan Feminis Radikal-Libertarian). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Rizqi Mulyani, Aulia. 2018. ‘The Woman Figure Resistance in the Short Stories of ‘A Wife Who Did Not Come Home’ and ‘Staccato’ by Djenar Maesa Ayu in Libertarian-radical Feminist Review’. Skripsi. Bachelor’s Degree. Indonesian Literature Department. Faculty of Cultural Studies. University of Diponegoro Semarang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, M.Hum., (II) Dra. Mirna Anngrahini, M.Hum. The short stories of ‘A wife who did not come home’ and ‘staccato’ by Djenar Maesa ayu. Both short stories tell the woman figure resistance toward patriarchal culture because of sexual dissatisfaction. The writer tries to research and to reveal the resistance of both main figures toward patriarchal culture by using structural theory and libertarian-radical feminist theory. The structural theory is used to determine the intrinsic element. Like characterization both characters have ezois and aggressive characteristics towards men. The flow of the two is different. Short story “A Wife who does not go home has a groove, while the serpent has an advanced plot. The two main characters have the sama psychology setting, they are equally feeling unhappy in their marriage because they feel sexual, they are being bullied by. Meanwhile, the libertarian-radical feminist theory is used to reveal the woman figure resistance (main), the effort that done by the main figure against oppression and how far the main figure fights. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative method using structural approach and feminist. In the analysis of women using radical-libertarian feminists, there are several reasons for women’s resistance including (1) Feeling not getting sexual satisfaction (2) Husband not giving sexual rights (3)Not getting freedom in sexuality. While the form of resistance is (1) Going away lather (2) Love men who can give sexual satisfaction (3) Get drunk and smoke. These points can be explained that the who main chracters have the same nature and purpose, which distinguishes only te main character in “Staccato’s” shor story he did not leave her husband and remain with this marriage even though he had commited and affair. Seen from religious and moral views in Indonesia. That radical-libertarian feminist have not been accepted by society, because the ways and objectives of feminist have a negative impact on society, especially women, and in Indonesia, religion, social and cultural norms prohibit anyone from having free sex. Key words: Short story, Structural, Libertarian-radical feminist, Reasons for resistance, Forms of resistance

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