Arif, Wibowo (2018) KEPRIBADIAN TOKOH UTAMA DALAM NOVEL KEMBALIKAN KARYA RIE HANDRA J. (Analisis Psikologi Sastra). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Wibowo, Arif. 2018. "The Personality of the Main Figure in the Novel Kembalikan of Rie Handra J., (Analysis of Literary Psychology)". Thesis (S-1) Faculty of Cultural Sciences Diponegoro University Semarang. Supervisor I: Drs. Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, M. Hum., And Supervisor II: Laura Andri R. M., S. S., M. A. This research is a library research which is entirely obtained from written sources. This research focused on the novel Kembalikan Karya Rie Handra J. The theory used is literary psychology and includes the classification of emotions. The method used is data collection, data analysis, and presentation of analysis results. The results of personality analysis are composed of three main systems, in the form of id, ego, and superego in the novel Kembalikan the work of Rie Handra J. The form of the id is; Rizal wants to solve the problem, wants to make a novel, and Rizal wants to turn off the kitchen lights and the water tap in his chilli. The form of the ego, namely; asked for help from his aunt Deny or ran away from the city, went to a haunted mental hospital, and Rizal checked and immediately turned on the lights and turned off his boarding water. The form of the superego is; Rizal escaped from ghosts, sought information about the haunted hospital, and suddenly the water and the lamp came out of his own after being checked by Rijal. Emotional classification also appears which is shown by the main character and is inseparable from the role of id, ego, and superego he has, the author finds several emotion classifications of Rijal as the main character, including; emotional classification of guilt, classification of emotions of guilt being harbored, classification of emotions of self-punishment, classification of emotions of shame, classification of emotions of sadness, and classification of emotions of love. Keywords: Novel, personality, literary psychology, classification of emotions.

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