Siti, Fatimah (2018) TATA HUKUM ISLAM DI KERAJAAN MATARAM ISLAM DALAM NASKAH ADILULAH (Suntingan Teks dan Analisis Isi). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Fatimah, Siti. 2018. Islamic Law in the Islamic Mataram Kingdom in the Adilulah Manuscript (Content Text and Content Analysis). Essay. Undergraduate Program in Indonesian Literature. Semarang. Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University. Advisor I Dr. M. Abdullah, M. Hum. Advisor II Nur Fauzan Ahmad, S. S., M. A. The Adilulah Manuscript is a Javanese manuscript of Brandes collections which are currently saved in the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta with the BR 56 call number. Currently, the manuscript condition worsened. This is marked by the discoloration of paper and ink that has faded in several parts of the manuscript, and this condition is the reason for the need for research on the manuscript. In addition, the existence of this study aims to create and present descriptions, edit text and make translations of the text Adilulah and reveal the contents of the text Adilulah. This study used two theories, namely the theory of philology and content analysis. Stages in the philological theories include data collection, description text, transliteration, and edits the text that contains the results of editing and translation. Later stages in the content analysis involve determining the unit of analysis, sampling, and recording/ recording data. Based on the content analysis results Adilulah, concluded that the manuscript contains Adilulah system of Islamic law in the Islamic Mataram kingdom. The rules of Islamic law contained in the Adilulah text include important elements in the religious justice system, namely: kings, prosecutors, rulers, and patih. Then Adilulah manuscript also contains four lawsuits, namely: first about the act of lying, the explanation of this case include the terms for those who lie and punishment for the person. Second, the case includes accounts payable terms and penalties for those who are late paying the debt. Third, the case of stealing, the explanation includes categories for thieves and people involved, as well as penalties for both. Fourth, fighting cases whose explanations include categories for people who fight. In addition to discussing the judicial system and legal cases, the manuscript also discusses efforts to prove a case which includes witnesses in a case and categories of people who cannot be trusted. Keywords: Adilulah, Philology, Content Analysis, Islamic Law, Islamic Mataram.

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